In a recent committee meeting it was agreed that the club would be restructured slightly. Various roles that already exist at the club have been organised into different sub-committees. The idea behind this is to bring more organisation to various parts of the club while also allowing fans the opportunity to join the club and volunteer if they would like to.

Each sub-committee has it’s own chairman who oversees that respective area, helping to make sure tasks are shared out so that the burden isn’t just on one person. This is not an egotistical exercise for those involved, but very much a clear way of allowing people to put forward ideas to specific individuals before we can then act upon them collectively. 

Initial sub-committees are as follows;

Ground and Pitch Maintenance:
Kevin Blake (Chairman)
Barry Taylor
Sammy Jolley
Mark Riley
Steven Welsh

Bar and Functions:
Ricky Brown (Chairman)
Paul Humphreys
Ian Alwill

Media and Communications:
Joseph Gibbons (Chairman)
Zach Pierce
Rob Clarke
Ian Monk
David Featherstone
Matt Lawton
Carl McGuire

Commercial and Fundraising:
Billy Cunliffe (Chairman)
Jo Kinney


If there are any areas that you feel you can help out in, please let the chairman of that particular sub-committee know and they would be more than happy to have you on board. We’re not asking you to give up your social life or add more things to your hectic workload. We are just looking for fans to get involved in their club, share their ideas and knowledge while providing them with more autonomy. 

We are not a closed shop, we are very much open and value your continued support.

Together, we can grow this club.


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