Behind the Scenes: Performance Analysis

Most people will be familiar with Rob Clarke around the club, not only does he film matches to create highlights, edit the programme and produce all of our graphics, he also supplies the videos to our performance analysis team. Head of that function is Oliver Maher, pictured above, who is studying Science and Football at Liverpool John Moores. Glossing over the fact that Rob claims we have too many Olis and had been texting midfielder Oli Roberts regarding performance stats, Oli (Maher) produces massively intricate analysis of our games and is described as "a stat machine". Manager Micheal Clegg took some time out to give us the background on how we recruited Oli and the impact he's made. "We were filming the odd game and not doing that much with it really, so it was by chance I met Oli, I actually sat on the same table as his parents at a party last New Year's Eve and we just got talking, as you do. They mentioned their son was wanting to get involved at a club as it tied in with his university work." "When Oli came in and started breaking down games for us, we were second bottom of the table. I think his first game was the draw against Radcliffe at home last season. Then we went on an incredible run and that form has continued. It's no coincidence that this has happened. We work tremendously hard behind the scenes in terms of analysis and preparation. Oli gives us a breakdown after each game on lads' pass completions, and much more but we can't give too much away!!" "He stays in the background. A lot of the lads wouldn't even know what he looks like but his work has been unbelievable for us. This has helped us pick up things we never would have. We feel all current squad members have benefited through their regular feedback."

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