Colls x Lottery Winners x Bands FC

Atherton Collieries are delighted to announce an exciting collaboration between local band Lottery Winners and Bands FC. To coincide with the release of Lottery Winners' self titled debut album, Colls will be sporting a limited edition collaboration kit for their match against Grantham Town on Saturday 7th March. The band will also be performing some tunes from their album, which is released on Friday 13th March, in the clubhouse after the Grantham Town game. Manufactured by Hope & Glory Sportswear, the limited edition kit takes the eye-catching pink tone from the album cover and mixes it with the infamous black stripes from Colls traditional colours. The Bands FC crest, which was designed to celebrate the links between Colls and Lottery Winners takes centre stage on the jersey for one game only. Finer details on the kit include the Bands FC logo on the back of the shirt alongside the logo of RWC Design who worked alongside the manufacturers to produce this original kit. The iconic 'Pride of Atherton' slogan remains at the bottom, while a colliery wheel has been added to the footer of the squad numbers. One of the bands most well received songs from the upcoming album is 'Hawaii' and this has been reflected in our choice of goalkeeper shirt, which will see the Colls custodian Paddy Wharton don a green floral design which is sure to be a hit for both football fans and gig goers. Speaking about the limited edition shirts, lead singer of Lottery Winners, Thom Rylance spoke about the connection between the band and the club. "We’re so absolutely honoured to have Atherton Collieries play in a Lottery Winners kit. It was insane to us when Bands FC made the badge, and now there’s a full kit!" "We’ve had some insane experiences recently, with some massive gigs and festivals, but this is extra special to us." "I think the local support people have for each other where we live is second to none. We look after each other, we want each other to succeed and we’ve got each other’s backs... So bare that in mind when you consider ordering our debut album and helping us get in the charts!" Hope & Glory Sportswear will be running pre-orders for the kit on their website in the coming days but the sale period will only be for a limited time, so please get your orders in swiftly if you would like to purchase one.

Vacancy: Kit Man/Woman

Atherton Collieries are currently looking for someone to fill the position of First Team Kit Man or Woman ahead of the 2024/25 Northern Premier League

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